Licchavi Tonmünze aus dem 6. Jahrhundert
Vorderseite: ein Vajra, darunter eine Jahresangabe?
Rückseite: ein Tier? Jede Information ist willkommen!

Licchavi clay coin, 6th century
obverse: a vajra with a year specification under it?
reverse side: an animal?

The script of the coin is in the style of the script found on Malla coins, so the coin or token could be of the Malla period.
There exist several early Malla coins of the tangka standard with an upright vajra in the centre
(Rhodes/Gabrich/Valdettaro: The Coinage of Nepal, plates 12 and 13).
This clay token has four letters of Newari script.
The lower line could be read "as -ndra ti"
Any information welcome!!