King Drabya Shah (Reign: approx. 1616-1627 B.S. = 1559-1570 A.D.)
Prince Drabya Shah of Lamjung, startet his victory campaign first with Liglig. He was assisted by the high indigenous and influential six castes of Gorkha like Pandey, Panta, Arjyal, Khanal, Rana and Bohara who were later became famous as ‘Six-Thari’. Ganesh Pandey and Narayan Das Arjyal were the chief aides to the prince in that victory. Then with the voctory over Gorkha, he established the Gorkha State in 1616 B.S. It is traditionally believed that his coronation was held at Paslang Chautara in Gorkha where Narayan Das Arjyal crowned him as the King of Gorkha in that ceremony held on Bhadra, 1559 A.D. Subsequently, he took over Siranchowk and Ajirgadh and the Gorkha territory then streched from Budhi Gandaki river in the east to Chepe river in the west.
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