King Narabhupal Shah (Reign: approx. 1773-1799 B.S. = 1716-1743 A.D.)
Narabhupal Shah succeded his grand father King Prithvipati Shah by ascending the throne but his life also remainded full of struggle.

Narabhupal Shah, due to constitutional crisis he had to struggle a lot to ascend the throne of Gorkha since he was born in the house of his maternal uncle when his mother visited Tanahun. He was constantly engaged to defend his state from the attack of Lamjung, other states and various progress made in Gorkha.

Annexing Nuwakot in east and Tanahun in the west which he dreamt and planned during his reign slowly started to annoy him quite frequently making him abdicate later by handing over all his political and state affaires to his elder Queen Chandra Prabhavati and the Crown Prince Prithvi Narayan Shah spending rest of his life in peace. At last, he passed away on 25th of Chaitra of 1743 A.D.