November 1883, cover to General Bir Shumsher (Prime Minister 1885-1901), Tansen (Palpa District),

franked with a 1 Anna pin-perforated, milky blue on European paper (No 1b), setting 3,
the stamp shows the flaw “Large Dent” in the bottom margin - cliche 25 of the sheet.
Postage: 1 Anna for a letter up to 1 Tola (about 11,6 gm).
Cancelled with the datestamp Kathmandu VI (D 65), dated 40/7/23 BS = Nov. 6, 1883 AD.
This is the first recorded and also very rare usage of this datestamp as a cancellation.
Dr. Hellrigl: “R!R!R! greatest rarity, with not more than 4 covers known” (100+ points).
The letter is addressed to “Swasti Sri Maharaj Kumar Kumartamaja Sri Sri Sri Lieutenant General Sahib Bir Shumsher Junga Rana Bahadur”

at this time at Tansen palace, Palpa.

Reverse side: Seal of “Sri Tilak Ram Thapa”
No receiving mark, since Tansen had no post office then.