December 1904, cover from Pyuthan to Kathmandu
adressed to Commander in Chief General Bhim Shumsher Junga Rana Bahadur
franked with a tête-bêche pair of the 1 Anna imperforate, recut-frame variety,
dark blue on European paper (No 25c), setting 26A.
Postage: 2 Annas for a letter up to 2 Tolas. Strike of the standard square cancellation Pyuthan (C 84).

Reverse side:

Negative hand-dated postmark Pyuthan (N 45) dated 61/8/18 BS = Dec. 1, 1904 AD
arrival: Kathmandu dated 61/8/24 BS = Dec. 7, 1904 AD
(Hellrigl/Vignola catalogue No. 25c, Hellrigl/Vignola Setting 26A)