Postkarte van der Wateren Nr. 12 mit blassem lila Absenderstempel der „Nepal Residency“
Entwertung durch den Datumsstempel Kathmandu XIV (Hellrigl D74), datiert (19)51/6/6 BS = 19. September 1894 AD
Negativer handdatierter Stempel von BAITADI (Hellrigl N2), datiert (19)51/6/25 BS = 8. Okt. 1894 AD
Rückseite: handdatierter Stempel von BAITADI (Hellrigl N2), datiert (19)51/7/4 = 17. Okt. 1894 AD

Postcard van der Wateren No. 12 with pale purple stamp of the “Nepal Residency”
Cancelled by the datestamp Kathmandu XIV (Hellrigl D74), dated (19)51/6/6 BS = Sept. 19, 1894 AD
Negative hand-dated postmark BAITADI dated (19)51/6/25 BS = Oct. 8, 1894 AD
Reverse Side: negative hand-dated postmark BAITADI dated (19)51/7/4 = Oct. 17, 1894 AD

This postcard was sent by the Nepal Residency to a Gurkha Soldier by the name of Gaja Bir Thapa in Baitadi.
Baitadi in the district with the same name, far west of Nepal, is located near the border to Kumaon (India)
On this postcard the Gurkha soldier is requested to write a report.

As written on the reverse side the recipient could not be identified by Baitadi post office.
Hence after 9 days the card was returned to Kathmandu.

Reverse Side