Postcard van der Wateren No. 12

Negative hand-dated postmark Kalaiya (N 34) dated 53/7/26 BS = Nov. 9, 1896 AD
Negative hand-dated arrival postmark Jaleswar (N 29) dated 53/7/27 BS = Nov. 10, 1896 AD

Uncommon usage of a negative hand-dated postmark (Kalaiya) prior to 1909 as a cancellation

Only 3 postoffices are recorded using negative hand-dated postmarks prior to 1909 for cancellation:
Birganj, Kalaiya and Chisapani - according to van der Wateren all in 1899.
These postcards from Kalaiya to Jaleswar were dispatched in October and in November 1896.
Reverse side