Rare postcard van der Wateren No. 12 sent by Dr. Kurt Boeck

Stamp C, Horse 5, Text medium, Ornament 1, Vowel slanted, 6 groups of char. 4-2-6-10-6-6

“Squared-circle”-Postmark (Hellrigl B 14) dated “13 DE 98” (Dec. 13, 1898)
SEA POST OFFICE: Dec. 17, 1898
Arrival: Dresden Jan. 3, 1899
Postage due was not paid by the postal stationery card but by the British-Indian adhesive stamps

In 1890, 1893, 1895 und 1898 the German traveller Kurt Boeck visited the Himalayas and tried to reach Nepal.
Finally, in 1898 he was allowed to enter Nepal. He reports his amazing adventures in his books:
“Indische Gletscherfahrten”, Stuttgart and Leipzig 1900
“Durch Indien ins verschlossene Land Nepal”, Leipzig 1903

All together three of the Nepalese postcards he wrote have been recorded.
This one with New Year Greetings he wrote to his wife Mrs. Wella Boeck in Dresden (Germany).

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