Famous and rare postcard van der Wateren No. 14 by Dr. Kurt Boeck
Stamp C, Horse 4, Text large, Ornament 1, Vowel slanted, 7 groups of char. 4-2-6-6-4-6-6

Cancel: Kathmandu II (C 70)
Arrival: Kathmandu XV (D 75)
dated 55/6/3 BS = Dec. 16, 1898 AD15

Dr. Boeck wrote this postcard to secure a souvenir of the native postal system.
On Dec. 16, 1898 he wrote to himself:
“I congratulate you upon your wonderful visit at Nepal”.

This card is adressed to “Katmandu / Residency / Dak Bangalow”.
As Perceval Landon (“NEPAL Vol I & II”, London 1928) states, the area of the British Residency implies
“... a post-office and a small bungalow that is placed at the disposal of visiting officials and others.”
Apparently, Dr. Boeck lived in the area of the British Residency
and the British-Indian Post Office was situated there as well.

reverse side