“Big Game Hunting”, postcard van der Wateren No. 18 used
Stamp C, Horse 4, Text medium, Ornament 2, Vowel erect, 5 groups of char. 6-12-4-6-6

Postal Card sent to England, cancelled by a Nepalese datestamp of the
“Sawari Royal Camp” at Khasra (D 112) dated 68/9/12 BS = Dec. 25, 1911 AD

British-Indian postmark of the camp P.O. (B 76), dated Dec. 27, 1911
featuring a crown and “GRI” for “Georgius Rex Imperator”

This is the only recorded Nepalese 1911 Sawari Camp-postcard that went through the mails

Reverse side

arrival “JAN 13, 1912”
total transit time from Nepal to England only 17 days

British monarchs hunting in Nepal:
From 20th February to 5th March,1876 Prince of Wales Albert Edward, later Edward VII
From 18th to 28th December, 1911 King George V came to Nepal (see the postcard above)
From 14th to 21st December, 1921 Prince Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, later King Edward VIII