The Nepalese-Tibetan War ended with the “Thapathali Treaty” in 1855. From now on Nepalese merchants were allowed to trade in Tibet. In order to deal with any discrepancies Nepalese administered courts were established in the Tibetan towns of Kerong and Kuti. Official mail was carried by Nepalese messengers across Tibetan territory between the Nepalese border town Rasuwa and Kerong in Tibet and between the Nepalese border town Tatapani and Kuti in Tibet.

Postcard van der Wateren No. 31
from Kuti in Tibet to Kathmandu.
Tatapani (P 93) Kuti-Court Seal Kathmandu II (P 58)
From Kuti in Tibet by Nepalese messengers to Tatapani at the Nepalese border.
In Tatapani it was handed over to the Nepalese postal system.
Sun-within-Crescent Type Tatapani (P 93) dated 95/2/3 BS = May 16, 1938 AD.
From Tatapani via Chautara and Dhulikel to Kathmandu.
Arrival: Kathmandu II (P 58) dated 95/2/6 BS = May 19, 1938 AD
Reverse side