Postcard van der Wateren No. 34

sent from the INDIAN EMBASSY in Kathmandu to A. Moser in St. Gallen (Switzerland)

INDIAN EMBASSY (B 107) dated June 8, 1950
Postage due was not paid by the postal stationery card but by the British Indian adhesive stamp

Since the Treaty of Friendship in 1923 the “Nepal Residency” was renamed as “British Legation”. Postal impact was the validity of Nepalese stamps for in the entire Indian postal area, including Tibet. The then called “Legation-Post Office” was still in charge of mail to all other countries. On Indias independence, on 15th August, 1947, the “British Legation” was replaced by the “Indian Embassy” in Kathmandu. Analogously the Legation-Post Office was taken over by the Indian Embassy. The above shown Card to Switzerland had to be dispatched from the Indian Embassy Post Office. When Nepal became a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on 11th October, 1956 (which came into effect on 14th April, 1959) Nepal's own international letter service started.

Dr. Alfred Nawrath, former director of the ethnological museum in Bremen, north of Germany, was invited to India by the Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru. Dr. Nawrath was requested to continue his archeological excavation and studies of Indian religions. During this journey Dr. Alfred Nawrath visited Nepal and wrote this card to his friend A. Moser in St. Gallen (Switzerland).
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