Anglo-Nepalese War (1814-1816)
March 1813, cover sent by Amar Singh Thapa
to Ranadhoj Thapa, assistant of Prime Minister
r Bhimsen Thapa, Kathmandu
Handwritten date of arrival: (18)69 / Caitra / 15 BS = March 28, 1813 AD

The war startet when the “British East India Company” occupied some kingdoms of the “Chaubisi Rajya” (24 principalities). Thereupon Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa issued the command to attack the British. “Bada Kaji” (General) Amar Singh Thapa, also known as “Living Lion of Nepal”, Governor of Palpa, was the commander of the Nepalese forces of western front in the Anglo–Nepalese War