Brief von General Mathbur Singh Thapa (1828), der später von 1843-1845 Premierminister wurde,
an Premierminister General Bhimsen Thapa

January 1828, cover sent by General Mathbur Singh Thapa, Hetauda (Makwanpur)
to Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, Kathmandu

Handwritten date of arrival in Kantipur (Kathmandu): BS (18)84 Magh Sudi 12 Roj 6

“Bikram Sambat” (18)84 correlates to the year 1827/1928 AD,
“Magh” is the tenth month in the Nepali year: middle of January - middle of February,
“Sudi 12” is a notations of the moon calendar; it indicates day 12 after new moon,
“Roj” specifies the day of the week, starting with Sunday. So “Roj 6” means Friday.

Thus the complete date is:
day 12 after new moon of the month Magh in the Nepali year (18)84 Bikram Sambat:
Friday, January 25, 1828 AD