August 1835, cover sent by General Ranabir Singh Thapa
to Prime Ministe5 Bhimsen Thapa, Kathmandu

This letter was sent by General Ranabir Singh Thapa
to his brother Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa, Kathmandu
Handwritten date of arrival: (18)92 Bhadra / 5 / 6 AD = Friday, Aug. 18, 1835 AD

After the Anglo–Nepalese war a time of political disorder in Nepal began. Actually, not the King but Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa was the political leader at that time. He was making all the administrative decisions of the country. King Rajendra never dared to express any doubts regarding Bhimsen's decisions. To make sure that the King was insulated from influences of other people, Bhimsen had instated his youngest brother, General Ranabir Singh Thapa, in the royal palace to keep a watch on the King and the royal family