van der Wateren No. 2 from Kathmandu to Pharijong (Tibet)
Posted at the Nepalese Exchange P.O. Kathmandu, dated 97/12/7 BS = March 20, 1941 AD

Reverse side: Arrival Pharijong datestamp (B 50) dated March 27, 1941

Upto 1954 the rate for envelopes up to 1 Tola (about 11,6 grams) sent to India or an Indian post office in Tibet was 8 Paisa. Hence this 4-Paisa envelope has an additional franking of 4 Paisa on the reverse side (3rd Pashupati issue of 1935). Since Nepal and India signed the “Indo-Nepalese Postal and Telecommunications Agreement” in 1936, postal articles from Nepal to any Indian post office, including the Indian post offices in Tibet, could be prepaid with Nepalese stamps