van der Wateren No. 3 from Kathmandu to Lhasa (Tibet)

Letter from Kathmandu to Lhasa via the Indian post office Pharijong, Tibet
Exchange P.O. Kathmandu, dated 94--7--10 BS = Okt. 23,1937 AD,
datestamp Pharijong, dated Nov. 2, 1937 (Hellrigl B 50)

From Nepal to the Indian post office Pharijong the Nepalese postage due was 8 Paisa
In Pharijong it was handed over to the Tibetan Postal system and was forwarded to Lhasa
Rare 2 Trangka red pin-perf., to make up the double weight rate for Tibetan internal delivery
Native bi-lingual PHARI handstamp (Hellrigl T 44) on reverse,
cancelled at the native Phari Post office in Tibet