Aerogramme van der Wateren No. 1
Eight Paisa Stamp blue Rectangle “Garuda

Celebrating Nepal’s admission into the World Postal Union (UPU) the first aerogram for inland use (mail rate 8 Paisa) was issued. The stamp shows Garuda, the mount and emblem of God Vishnu. The mail rate is written in Devanagari and in English as well. Under the Garuda the Devanagari inscription NEPAL is written. In the upper left corner 6 lines of text are written in English and in Devanagari respectively: AEROGRAMME, HAWAI PATRA (airmail), NEPAL, YASPATRABHITRA KEHI KHAMI YAMA SADHARAN / DANKBATA CHALAN GARINECHHA (if anything is enclosed, this letter will be sent by ordinary mail). Four dotted lines are printed for name and adress. Before the upper line NAMA (name), before the second line THEGANA (adress) are written